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In Collaboration With
Amnesty International


Norwegian creative, Linn Wold, is one of Scandinavia’s top-selling artists. With her detailed and adventurous style, she has captured the attention of thousands of clients worldwide. Linn’s style is characterized by strong personalities, vibrant contrasts and expressive compositions. Now entering the digital realm, Linn is ready to launch her very first NFT collection.

The team often collaborates with several charities, and for the third year in a row, Linn and hear team is teaming up with Amnesty International. 40% of sales from the first NFT collection goes Amnesty and their work for LGBTIQ peoples rights. And also 3% of possible future royalties. 


“I am so excited for the future, and this is going to be something completely different from what you’ve seen me do before. I want to dedicate my very first NFT project to a case close to my heart. And I hope people will love it as much as I do"

Join us in our Discord to get updates and sneak peeks!


My First
NFT Collection

My first NFT drop will consist of 5 different pieces that will come in an edition of 1. There will also be added a 6th NFT who will be available for a limited amount of time (50 pcs available)

For the original 5, you can claim the actual physical piece. The original artwork transforms when you put it in blacklight and holds the size 70x100cm. 

Minting date is set for June 28th 2022 and the original 5 will be put out for a 24 hour auction, afterwords adding 5 minutes for each bet. Starting with a minimum price of about $400.

To be able to claim the physical artwork, you need to be the holder of the actual NFT 15th of August 2022. The exact details on how to claim it will be announced in our Discord and through our social media, when the date is approaching.

For the open edition NFT, the NFT will be available for 60 minutes only, and the set price is about $100. After 60 minutes the sale closes, and the amount of editions purchased by that time is the amount that will be available on the blockchain. ​


We are minting this project on and the direct link is:

Make sure that the link to the project is the one you see above, and do not under any circumstances bid on a similar project with another link that is not this one. As there might be possible scams out there. 

To be able to make a bid on the 5 originals or buy the 6th NFT, you need to setup a crypto wallet. We recommend Metamask as this is the most used wallet out there, and the easiest to navigate on mobile phones. You can add funds with your credit card. To be able to make a bid, the amount needs to be swapped into WETH. 

For upcoming info and announcements, follow us on our Twitter or join us in our Discordserver

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 When do they go live?

"The original 5 NFT´s" 24 hours auction starting at 21.00 (CEST) 28th June at

"The open edition" will go live at 21.00 (CEST) June 28th and will be available for 60 minutes only

How many are there?

I'm releasing 6 different artworks. 

5 of them are originals. That means there is only one available of each artwork. The NFT gives you the opportunity to claim the original physical artwork, if you are the holder of the NFT August 15th 2022.

There will also be one open edition NFT. This NFT is available for 60 minutes only to buy. After 60 minutes the amount sold is what's going to be available on the blockchain.

How much are they?

  • The 5 originals will be auctioned for 24 hours and have a starting price of $400 (adding 5 minutes to the auction)

  • The Open Edition $100

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital token which is built on blockchain technology. They are used to uniquely identify assets. It can be a digital asset such as a video or an image, OR a real-world asset such as a painting, house or car. Let's break it down to this: look at it as being a proof of authenticity that something actually exists. 

Who buys NFT's?

The NFT market is growing day by day: fans, celebrities, collectors, investors, and flippers. Per now, 80% of people buying NFT's are men. We would like to encourage more women to be a part of this exciting journey as well!

Why should I invest in NFT's?

There are different reasons in why people invests in NFT's.


Some of the main ones:

  • You're a fan of the artist, and love the artwork

  • Want to display the digital art on screens of NFT displays

  • Make a profit of it when selling on the secondary market

  • Be a part of an online community with your favorite artist/brand

  • Showing off - similar to buying in real life luxry items

  • Utility - an additional asset that comes with the purchase of the NFT (in this case the actual physical art work)

Why do you sell NFT's?

As an artist, there are huge benefits in selling NFT's. Not only by reaching new audiences and experimenting with new mediums, but also being the creator, and receive royals of future purchases. No matter how many times the NFT's resell, me as the artist will still get a tiny share of it, and that is revolutionary.  


What platform are you using?
We are going to do my first NFT drop on Openseas NFT marketplace. One of the most well known platforms out there, and one of the first. The direct link is:

How can I buy?

You need to setup a crypto wallet and add funds in able to make an offer for the original 5 or buy the 6th NFT. How to do so with a Metamask wallet in easy steps: klick on this how to guide

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